Title: "Rite of Passage"
Paper size: Chuban 7.5" wide x 10" high.
Image size: 4.5" x 6"
Four Blocks: All-Shina plywood.
Ink: Guerra pigment suspension watercolor based. Moku-Hanga process.
Paper: White Shin-Torinoko.
Printed with a Baren - Murasaki, soft.
1st printing: 40 prints.
(32 prints for BarenForum Exchange #37A).
Open edition.

On my 50th birthday, I celebrated by rowing across our pond in my new kayak on her maiden voyage. I considered it a Rite of Passage Ceremony, crossing into my Crone years. This print was also created to be in honor and memory of Wanda Robertson, a BarenForum.com Printmaking member, who has passed into a new dimension of her life's journey.

Haiku in the print:

maiden voyage
she rows the new kayak
into her crone years

Bette Norcross Wappner (b'oki)

This print is my first 4-color print. So many things I can do to improve this. The ink colors, illustration, and paper aren't what I originally envisioned, but I learned a lot. And because this print exchange is dedicated to my printmaker friend, Wanda -- that is what inspired me to sign up for this exchange and to create this print.