"Lutetium 71 Element"

I produced this print for the Printmakers Element Print Project:

The print image definitely looks toxic :) -- Lutetium element is used in catalyst cracking in petroleum refineries. The smoke coming from the stack is a molecular model of a catalyst. I used silver metallic ink and fine mica powder to simulate the color and appearance of Lutetium and to emphasize the toxic environmental pollution caused by refineries.

Title: Lutetium
One Block: All Shina printers plywood
Paper: Japanese made white Shin-Torinoko
Two Waterbased Inks: -Black: Neri-Zumi Sumi Concentrate Paste
-Silver Metallic
Fine Mica Powder mixed into the silver ink.
Edition: 4 prints.

Although this print isn't my usual poem-print, it still incorporates lettering. I enjoyed researching and producing it and being a part of this great project.